Our history

Globaltank is a company of of service stations for heavy good vehicles and transport services that has firmly consolidated itself in the fuel market , not only in Spain but in all of Europe .

Our beginnings

It began as a small company and has experienced constant evolution over the years, which has allowed it to position itself among the leading companies in the fuel sector. GlobalTank develops custom-made products and services, using unique technology offering maximum security in refuelling.

The mission of all our team is to put the customer first, listen to them and offer them innovative and comprehensive services. We focus on quality and on ensuring maximum security and excellence.

We offer affordable prices, personalized attention being a global partner in all services your business needs.

More than 20 years of experience At HGV service stations, services in the fuel and transport sector.

Department of technological innovation

Our product security sets us apart.

We are motivated by innovation, investing in the latest technologies, designing developments to offer maximum security in payment methods and all the management required by our customers.

For this reason, we have an exclusive development and technology area where we work to improve the user's experience every day, offering a cutting-edge differential.

We have a unique 100% secure refuelling management and control system using just SMS.. We ensure that no fraud or leaks are generated in any transaction, taking care of your business.

Technology and security

GlobalTank has an exclusive information technology and development area. We are the new generation of security and control of refuelling. We develop unique and tailor-made products such as GlobalPay and GlobalWallet.

Personalized attention

You can contact us 24 hours, 365 days a year. We will answer your commercial and technical queries instantly. Our team of specialists will be available to any need .


We offer comprehensive services to cover all the needs of your business. We stand out from the rest by guaranteeing greater security compared to our competitors with cutting edge technology to fight fraud.

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