Stations map

Accessing the map

You can access the Stations Map from the main navigation menu at menu>our petrol stations. You will get an overview of the map and the complete list of Service Stations of the Globaltank network.

In addition, you can access from the home page, from the section Find your Globaltank Gas Station!. Click on the buttons to view and list the available stations by countries or autonomous communities. Enter a city in the search field and the application will redirect you to the map and list the matches obtained with our database data.

To find a location on the map and see the nearest stations, go directly to the map from the menu and enter a term in the search engine.


You can filter the stations displayed on the map by products, services and payment methods. If you don't activate any filter the application will show all stations available.

To update the results you must do click on the apply filters button. On top of the panel you can see the number of stations that pass the filtering with respect to the total number of stations available.

Note that when you activate multiple filters the application shows only the stations that have all the products and activated services. The more filters you activate, the more restrictive your search will be and the less results will get.


The finder allows you to enter a custom location (town, geographical area, company, business, etc) to find the nearest Service Stations on the map.

Enter the search term and select one of the Google proposals that will be displayed below the field. The map will pinpoint the requested location and zoom in. Below the search engine will be listed stations available for a given radius in km. Widen or shrink the radius for get more or less results.

You can see again on the map all the stations of the network clicking on the button -List all stations-.

Calculate routes

Clicking on the pointer icon which you will find in the search field (a the right icon ) will display the routes panel and you can enter a point of origin and a point of destination to calculate your route.

Enter a location in each of the fields and always select one of the results proposed by Google. You don't need to confirm or enter, the app will calculate your route after fill in the fields automatically.

Our Gas Station Map integrates the Google Maps API. Search results and route proposals you get will be the same as when you use the map of Google.

On the map you can see the itinerary and the nearest stations: Click on the markers to display the information of any of them.

Information panel

Clicking on the map markers or on any box in the list of stations You will be able to display an information window. Shows the products, payment methods and services available for each Service Station.

 Share a station

From a information window you can copy the station's url address to share it with another user. When entering this link in the browser the user will see the station centered on the map and its information window displayed.

Dashboard Actions

In the information panel you will find action buttons.

  • To focus the map on the station  
  • To share the url of the station  
  • To locate the station in Google Maps  
  • To download maps, if any  

In addition to the address of the station we can obtain latitude and longitude coordinates. To use them click on the copy button that will find in the GPS section and these will be stored in your clipboard to be able to paste them in any other window.

If you share these coordinates or enter them in any system do it keeping the number of decimals that are stored in the copied, do not round the figure. Note that the number of decimal places in the coordinates determines the accuracy of the station position.

Find your position

By clicking on the geolocation button (in the lower left corner of the map, above the zoom controls + and -) the application will get your current location showing it on the map and list the nearest stations.

Use the radius control in km that will appear above the list of stations to get more or less results.