The evolution of fuel cards

With GlobalWallet® from Globaltank you can refuel at our gas stations by replacing the traditional physical card with a virtual card installed in your smartphone.

¿Cómo funciona Globalwallet®?

The driver starts the application on his phone. Once authenticated, chooses the card with which he wants to refuel. The vendor verifies the card and is informed of the amount of liters and products authorized to refuel. The dispenser opens the jets for the driver to refuel. Once the refueling is finished, the driver go back to the counter to finish the refueling.

Advantages of Globalwallet®

Globalwallet® features

  • Peace of mind and confidence

    Secure launch of the application, through biometric or pin access.

  • Geolocation

    The cards are only available and active when the driver is at one of our service stations.

  • Encrypted PIN

    The driver does not need to know the card's PIN, it is saved in an encrypted way on the device and sent to our systems automatically.

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Globalwallet® web platform

Globalwallet® has a platform where the client can:

  • Request new cards and manage them.
  • Modify the card limit.
  • Block them immediately.
  • You will be able to consult consumption, operations, invoices ... And much more!

Do you need more security?

All refueling operations can be verified with the double factor verification system.

How is it verified?

Once the service station vendor verifies the virtual card in our systems, the driver will receive an SMS with a unique code and only valid for that refueling to verify the operation. Try our refueling solution with virtual card and forget about the problems of logistics and fraud.

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