Simple and safe

With Globalpay® from Globaltank you will be able to refuel at our petrol stations by SMS messages, eliminating the risk and logistics of physical cards.

How does GlobalPay® work?

Depending on the configuration chosen by the customer, the driver must send a message to GlobalTank with a password to be able to refuel . Or the customer's highway department will create the refueling authorization on our management platform.

  • The driver will receive a code by SMS message with the authorization.
  • The dispenser will verify the code and will receive the information on the amount of litres and products authorized to refuel.
  • Once the supply has ended, a record of the operation will remain on our platform for greater control of refueling.

Globalpay® features

  • Security

    Eliminate the risks of conventional Physical Cards.

  • Control

    It grants maximum control of credits, prices and operations.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with all types of mobile and connection.

  • Internationality

    Available in both Spain and Europe.

Advantages of paying with Globalpay®

  • The driver will only need his mobile phone regardless of the model, OS and operator.

  • The customer will have a maximum control of their expenses and consumption.

  • Globalpay is the safest way to refuel and avoid all kinds of refueling fraud.


Globalpay® web platform

With GlobalManager® the customer can:

  • Manage drivers, vehicles, refueling authorizations ...
  • Check your consumption, invoices, operations ... And much more!

Do you need more security?

All refueling operations can be verified with the double factor verification system.

How is it verified?

Once the service station vendor verifies the virtual card in our systems, the driver will receive an SMS with a unique code and only valid for that refueling to verify the operation. Try our refueling solution with virtual card and forget about the problems of logistics and fraud.

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